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The lipocavitation

The concept

Lipocavitation (or cavitation) is the most advanced technology in the treatment of localized volumes and cellulite. It is a painless technique which consists of an energy wave emission that will generate microscopic air bubbles inside the fat cells. The wave frequency is between 38 and 42 KHz. Thanks to the wave, the air bubbles will implode. The walls of broken adipocyte’s will release grease and water. All this will be metabolized by the liver. The extra fat stored under the skin ( which forms the bulges , cellulite, …) will be released and eliminated naturally. Un lymphatic drainage is still advised a treatment that type of treatment. We will place patches by the lymph nodes to stimulate circulation and activate drainage.

The Machine

The machine is made of one or several cylindrical metal plates , that the practitioner puts on the targeted area. Then a thin layer of gel is applied and spread . Finally, the device is placed in contact with the skin . A ” cavitation massage ” starts by first reducing the orange-peel skin effect .


The sessions

It treats one zone at the time. The session generally lasts 20 to 30 minutes. This includes the care, drainage . We will also proceed to lymphatic drainage. We will position the patches by the lymph nodes to stimulate circulation and activate exchanges. You should know that a week is required between each session. The sessions are always followed, one or two days later, by a session of drainage , in order to eliminate the released triglycerides. Proper hydration (about two liters of water ) is essential to appreciate a noticeable progress.

Target areas

Lipocavitation , which is a gentle, durable and reliable alternative technique liposuction , facilitates targeting very specific and particularly sensitive zones. Thanks to this technique we can work on the thighs , hips , buttom , arms , stomach, … . As mentioned above a session lasts 20 to 30 minutes.



Results can be noticed during the first sessions and will last over time . Immediate effects are also visible on the reduction of the orange-peel aspect . Volume loss (cms) on the targeted area is quite spectacular . Fatty tissues and orange-peel are eliminated naturally. Weight loss is stimulated through drainage . Studies have shown a decrease of 5 to 12 cm. You will gain firmness and reduce waistline.

Bailiff *

* Care efficiency and the results obtained may vary according to people and their profile, and they are not guaranteed

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