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The Photorejuvenation by Pulsed Light

The concept

The photo- rejuvenation is a improvement of texture , color and elasticity of the skin . Technique using pulsed light ( UPL (Ultra Pulse Light ) IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) or flash lamp) . It is a painless technique which comprises stimulated the natural production of collagen by acting on the cells of the epidermis. This technique is used to erase brown spots, but also red spots characteristics of overexposure to the sun. This makes the texture of the skin smoother , firmer and more toned.


Photorejuvenation (or photo-rajeunissement in French) used when skin begins to grow old to dint of repeated and excessive sun exposure. You should know that UV (Ultra Violet ) tend to alter the components of the skin such as elastin and collagen. The skin loses elasticity , firmness and consistency . However, the intrinsic characteristics of each skin are also involved , such as genetic factors or skin diseases.


Recently, the aging of the skin occurs in people more and more younger . This is due to exposure to the sun in a first time , but also to pollution increasingly present . It is also present in people a little older who have had too much sun exposure.


The sessions

Each session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. The result is shown progressively after , of at least 5 sessions . Generaly 3 weeks to 1 month between each session will achieve the desired result. They will allow the progressive stimulation of natural collagen. Then 1-2 sessions every 6 months allow optimal support of the work performed before.

A gel is spread over the surface to be treated, then takes the device that emits light pulses ( eye protection is provided to you before the start of the session). The Machines for the care do not come into direct contact with skin. At each impact, the patient may experience moderates tingling the skin may be flushed after the session.

Target areas

Photorejuvenation by Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL or ) can be used to treat sensitive areas like the face ( facial ) , neck , chest , arms or hands. This technique is both feasible for women as for men.

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From the first session we note a healthy glow that shows the effectiveness of this solution. The skin is stretched , pores tightened and even complexion . However , the skin is reddened for 24 hours to 48 hours, which gives an effect ” sunburn ” . This does not prevent the resumption of work , two hours after the session.

For that the results expected to the beginning of care be effective, it takes about 5 sessions. Each session will be spaced 3 to 4 weeks . After each session and for the results to be sustainable , apply a cream moisturize daily and also protect the treated area from the sun for 12 weeks after the session. After these 5 sessions , 1 to 2 sessions during the year following are recommended to maintain the results of previous sessions.

The Against-indications

kicdedhdadohnald Current skin infection on the area being treated.
kicdedhdadohnald A suspicious skin lesion to be subject to prior consultation with a dermatologist.
kicdedhdadohnald Collagen disease.
kicdedhdadohnald Taking photosensitizing drugs.
kicdedhdadohnald Taking a treatment with isotretinoin.
kicdedhdadohnald The Pregnancy and lactation constitute against-indications of principle.

If in doubt , or if you have any questions , not hesitate to let us know at the prior interview

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