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Remodeling Programme

Improve the tone of your skin

After a morphological analysis of each area (thigh , buttom, hips , waist, arms) , your BMI and cellulite type, the machine combines 5 treatments in 1 to reshape the chosen zones. A world exlusive technique !

Associated to right diet, on which we can advice (Starting phase , cruise and stabilization) , we ensure a lasting result.

Bring your tightest pants and notice the results ….

A Must Try !

Combined to match your anti volume, anti indurated or aqueous cellulite or firming goals:
Infrared + Electrostimulation + Lipolysis +Ionisation principle assets+ Drainage


“You lose centimeters where you want”


The Fat deposits are treated to give an immediate and measurable result.

“Before and after ” results are certified a bailiff statement : several cms loss on average lost ( added loss on the thighs and stomach).

Chose up to 9 localized areas per session.

Duration of treatment : 50 mn

Bailiff *

* Care efficiency and the results obtained may vary according to people and their profile, and they are not guaranteed

Take advantage of the offer Remodeling Programme Take advantage of our discovery care for 8,90 €

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