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Fat burner

What is it?

A unique compound with additional actions for the following components

  • GUARANA: 900mg Shrub from the Amazonian region (Brazil), whose effects have been known for three centuries. Rich in caffeine: effect on fat, stimulant, psychotropic effect.
  • Green tea: 600mg Antioxidant.
  • Yeast: probiotic effect on the intestine
  • Chromium: 25ng (nanogram). Facilitates the burning of peri-abdominal fat by boosting the effectiveness of insulin (insulin-secretor for the pancreas and reducing the insulin resistance of the cells, thus limiting the risks of diabetes).


  • The excellent synergy between the actions of the different ingredients ensures the success of this product.
  • Before the fat can be burnt, it must be released, which is why this product is recommended after an initial Relooking Chrome treatment.